Artist Statement

As an artist, my work is engaged in positive yet critical engagement with society. I recognize our need for belonging and connectedness and our need for environments that promote togetherness. Influenced by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I make postmodern, social/relational projects that range from community skill sharing to sustainable structures to large and small-scale sculptures employing whimsy and play. I use both low and high technology that depend on audience interaction. I intend that viewers become collaborators as active participants – whether through hard work and a committed laborious process, active charge, or by a momentary spark of wonder and hope. These approaches foster interdisciplinary exchange, inclusivity and fluidity through various media; it is an experience I intend for my audience as opposed to a product.

Ideals of democracy inspire me. I am mesmerized by its potential and see my art an expression of that. Some elements I have set for myself to attempt working toward artistic democracy are:

  1. Making work in public
  2. Making the viewer the artist
  3. Removing myself as artist
  4. Making the art free
  5. Collaboration