We is double-sided/two-faced project that addresses privilege resulting from capital resources. With the current state of reflection and various actions surrounding public monuments, WE takes two sides when presented a public pedestal to contribute to the dialogue.

At the forefront, WE presents cultural laborers as living monuments. Cultural laborers are under-valued, under-paid, and under-represented. People who carry the role to contribute to the collective conscious through art are at the frontlines of fighting social warfare for social welfare. Cultural laborers are agents working tirelessly through innovative and authentic strategies toward social improvement through images, movement, sound, language, and action to fracture the broken societal system in which we live. American society set at the top of the global capitalist economy pollutes and contributes to horrific inequities and dehumanization. This inclusive WE challenges the system by highlighting living cultural laborers by throwing legacy, privilege, and access to resources into question. For MONUMENTAL, the funds to build a traditional static object are diverted directly to cultural laborers to demand reconsideration of distribution of capital— not only within the institutions of non-profits and arts, but to the overall corrupt global, capital economy.

On the flipside, in an effort to control traffic at the MONUMENTAL site, a sign will be posted to that reads: WE the PRIVILEGED to remind the public (privileged and marginalized) who truly decides what history will be heard. People with capital wealth chose who to honor and who to write into history, how to spend their own and collective funds that determine how the human population is placed into labor, social circumstance, and environmental space. The privileged have neglected, ignored and killed off people to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. And so, this exclusive WE will confront and display the truth of ignorance and make a challenge to take ownership of the privilege that has harmed humanity forever. The challenge comes with a hope that each person in his order of privilege will reconsider his prosperity and leverage privilege toward others who are fighting to survive.