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Gardens in Roam came into existence in my time volunteering at The Children's Home, an orphanage in Tampa, Florida. Twice a week, I worked with twenty eight year old children. My aim was simply to spend time with the children in positive and active ways, as many non-profits need more support in their programming. The children's drive to be outside and physical led us to planting a garden on the campus. On rainy days, we spent time learning to juice vegetables and fruits, painting or drawing, and sometimes cooking. Reflecting, the garden seemed much like a family, sharing a space and growing together. However, these children were removed from their families and found themselves in this new dormitory style living waiting for a new family.

This work invites visitors to interview to own a "fine arts object", an interview process meant to mimic the adoption process. Interviewees agree to a ninety-day relationship with their plant (to fruition). Upon success of fruiting their plants, participants are rewarded by a home cooked meal by me! This project exposes participants to a caring relationship and an opportunity to experience creating one's own food. In a way, people are set up to become small-scale farmers and foster parents.

Nikki Pike