N I K K I    P I K E   |   I N F O
Envirovisions is an action-based workshop that invited viewers to become artists by creating an up-cycle lunch box. People were encouraged to intervene on the recycling process by reusing materials in a new, useful, and creative way. The gallery was converted into a workshop and exhibition space for people to realize their personal mobile lunch containers. Participants built and displayed their lunchboxes as part of the exhibition. For the closing reception, we took action at a local eatery. Seventeen participants found a deli that would fill our food order and request to avoid waste. No packaging was wasted as we were served our food to go and returned for a picnic in the exhibition space. Envirovisions set out to question the widely accepted and used system in taking food away from restaurants using wasteful containers. At the same time, we challenged the conventional use of the gallery by igniting it as an active space of making, dialoging, and eating.
Nikki Pike